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February, 2021

Beautiffuly Fabs™ is honored to announce its KantonBamboo, and Beejox chic casual style wears. In a bid to break through the fashion industry, the brand has decided to develop unique designs that speak of elegance and sheer quality in design.

Interestingly, the brand is a product of many years of hard work and determination with the foresight to create a hybrid of clothes for different purposes. The idea was to create designs that could fit in any situation, setting, and gathering.

The fashion brand saw the need to design clothes that fit the work and casual settings without our clients feeling out of place. These clothing types have become the trend in recent times; hence there is no better time to release a unique collection that addresses these styles' clamor. The need to have ready-made clothes for any event and occasion is one of the needs the brand seeks to meet current and future.

Removing the hassles of trying to think of the right fit to wear for an event can be tiresome, hence creating this style. Also, the fashion brand focuses on quality and affordability in its right proportions.

Furthermore, the fashion brand affords their clients the luxury of dressing smart and casual without worrying about how bad their bank accounts have plummeted. They do not need the hassles; the brand creates an appealing sense of sophistication through durable materials that exude the true African heritage.

Convenience and comfort are crucial elements the brand focuses on as well. Over the past few months, the fashion industry has noticed the KatonBamboo and Beejox designs that have been trending. The brand is currently being made to collaborate with more designers to expand their line of clots. This will enable people to have many options in picking out the right style for their outings.

Unfortunately, the COVID 19 outbreak has forced the company to embrace the digital landscape fully. Therefore, the company is committed to reaching a wider audience through its digital channels to sensitize the fashion industry. The digital arm of many businesses will become more active than ever; therefore, the company seeks to provide up-to-the-minute services that cater to all their clients' needs. Through their social media channels, the company will keep clients abreast of their products' last information. There will be a stand-by agent responding to the messages and interacting with the audience to build a solid fan base for effective customer engagement.

The fashion brand also seeks to give out tips and styles to people looking for the best alternative for their outings. The brand will combine many African-themed designs and accessories to show how best people can stye themselves.


Finally, this year marks the introduction to this ravaging style of fashion that has come to stay. The introduction of the brand to the fashion industry will provide more dynamism in culture and fashion. The unique designs will also represent the richness in harnessing the styles of contemporary culture and the African mode of dressing.

Get ready to experience an exquisite blend of style, elegance, and comfort with all the designs from Beautiffuly Fabs™


Our vision is to not only sell quality clothing and jewelry as ordinary useable beauty products, but also a high end gifts because all our products will be fashionable, customer-centric and luxuriously wrapped.


To be the most sought after quality clothing store offering quality and unique clothing with a touch of elegance and uniqueness with 100% customer satisfaction.

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